Born and raised in Sinaia, educated in Bucharest, currently living in Amsterdam with my boyfriend and our two cats.

How I started

Having a background in marketing and working as a social media manager for 2 years, I have always been somehow involved in design, either creating content for different social media channels or creating assets for websites, marketing campaigns and presentations.

This is how I discovered how much I enjoy the whole design process, learned how to leverage the skills I gained so far and changed my focus to becoming a UX/UI designer.

How I'm learning

I am a self taught person. I am learning through online courses, reading, trying and failing, but also helping others and sharing my journey on a dedicated Instagram account I created.

My favourite design tool is Figma, but I enjoy working with Adobe Xd, Sketch, and others as well.

Random facts


I have more than 60 plants and a growing community of plant lovers.


I have 2 British Shorthair Silver Tabby cats (father and son) and I can’t promise I won’t get an orange cat in the near future.

Perfect break

A beach day in Positano. A museum in Amsterdam. A pizza in Naples. An oat latte in Berlin. A ski day in Les Deux Alpes. A good book on a train to Prague. A dreamy playlist on a flight home.

🌍In love with the earth

Always trying to shop from zero waste stores as much as I can and saying “no” to plastic bags at the local market when buying fruits.

🎈Organising everything

I ain’t no Mary Kondo, but I live for well organised spaces. I also love to organise events and have my day/week/life in perfect order.

☄️Looking into the future

Solving real world problems with my designs. Picking furniture for my own apartment. Starting sketching and lettering. Getting over the fear of starting an Youtube channel.